Handwritten Postcard

We help you to bring memories into the present, to surprise your employees and guests and to give your loved ones a smile and maybe nice memories.
In today’s fast-paced digital world, it can be very refreshingly surprising to receive something “vintage-style” like a handwritten postcard.
Nowadays almost everything revolves around social media, for us card writing is a “craft with a heart”!
Handwritten Postcard - Writing Example 3

Salzburg, Austria

You want to give a gift to your loved ones?

How about a handwritten postcard from Salzburg, Austria? Either your relatives, friends or acquaintances have an Austrian background or just have fond memories of this beautiful city. You can not go wrong with a handwritten postcard.

Our writers around the world

Here you will find our growing “Handwritten Postcard” team. Learn more about our writers around the world and discover postcards that our writers send for you from the city they live in, personally and with a lot of heart to people around the world.

Handwritten Postcard - Writing Example 1

The journey of our handwritten postcards

The idea

The idea came about because there is always someone who wants to be made happy and have a smile put on their face. With a handwritten postcard you bring:

"The right message
To the right person
at the right time."

The selection of postcards

The unique postcards from the city where our writers come from are carefully selected.

The selection of stamps

Each selected stamp tells its own story with regional reference to the city from which your handwritten postcard comes.

Fountain Pen & Ink

Our handwritten postcards are very different from industrially "written" postcards, because they are written and sent personally and with a lot of heart from home.

The beginning of the journey

After your chosen postcards are written and stamped with a matching stamp, they are personally delivered to the post office for the journey to begin.