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About us​

We have traveled a lot, professionally and privately, and it always surprised us how many people like to receive postcards from other countries/cities.
How often did we hear how sad some people were, that they forgot to write to loved ones or did not take a souvenir card, especially from their honeymoon or vacation.
We often received feedback, that people would have liked to explore cities and countries, but didn`t have the financial background or the time to do so.

Conversations with emigrants were extremely heartwarming, to whom we then, to their surprise, sent postcards from their old homeland in handwritten mother tongue.
Many thanks to all “helpers” in different countries, because we are of course not able to speak all languages ​​:)
From all the interesting conversations with vacationers, emigrants, company bosses, acquaintances, friends and our big family, who are scattered all over the world, the unique idea of ​​”Handwritten Postcard” arose.
We help you to bring memories into the present, to surprise your employees and guests and to give your loved ones a smile and maybe nice memories.
In today’s fast-paced digital world, it can be very refreshingly surprising to receive something “vintage-style” like a handwritten postcard.
Nowadays almost everything revolves around social media, for us card writing is a “craft with a heart”!
Sometimes a small gesture can have a big impact.
We look forward to help you!
Best regards
Katrin Michaela and the steadily growing “Handwritten Postcard Team”