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Handwritten Postcards

We at Handwritten Postcard love postcards. Each postcard has its own charm and is selected by us according to strict criteria, because here, too, the first impression that the recipient has when the postcard reaches its destination and is held in his or her hands for the first time counts.

The different types of Postcards

Postcards come in countless varieties and ways to give, send or receive them. Popular examples of postcards are birthday cards, postcards or Christmas cards. Also postcards with sayings are sent with pleasure, because it will conjure a smile in the face of the receiver.

Almost every gift has at least a small sticker, which is attached. So the magic of the handwritten is far from gone.

Where to buy Postcards?

Postcards can be bought almost everywhere. Every resort has small charming stands where you can buy regional postcards. But what happens if you come back from your eventful trip and forgot to buy one of these cards? Here still remains the way via a postcards online store. However, there is one crucial fact which cannot be solved so easily. The stamp from the city, the postmark from the small regional post office and a lovingly handwritten greeting are missing on the postcard.

We write and send Handwritten Postcards

Pick the postcard with a popular attraction, specify the recipient or recipients and we will do the rest for you. 

Handwritten Postcard - Chess game and scenes at Kapitelplatz in Salzburg 1

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