About us

Oh you are from Salzburg?
I have traveled a lot, professionally and privately, and it always surprises me how many people know Austria and especially Salzburg.
Some have their grandparents emigrated, others have planned their honeymoon through Austria and many would like to hike in the footsteps of “The sound of music”.
With my “handwritten postcard from Salzburg” I help you to bring memories into the present, to give your loved ones a smile, I support you as the head of a company to surprise your employees.
I was born in the south-east of Austria and live with my wonderful family in beautiful Salzburg for several years.
Since I originally come from a therapeutic profession, it has always been important to me that the people around me are doing well.
And now I have the opportunity to expand this even further and bring joy to many with my “handwritten postcard”.
In today’s fast-paced world of digital news, it is very beneficial to receive something “old school” like in the form of a handwritten postcard.
Sometimes a small gesture can have a big impact!
With best regards from Salzburg / Austria,
Katrin Michaela