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Shipping methods

Our Handwritten Postcards are, as the name suggests, written by hand, which takes a little bit of time. We will write the postcards within 2 working days, stick the chosen stamps on them and then bring them to the post office.

The postcards will then be stamped and will take about 2-4 working days within Austria to reach their destination.

Outside of Austria, the time it takes the handwritten postcard to reach the recipient’s mailbox is about 2-10 working days.

Postcards just need this time, because they like to travel.

Countries (Europe)

Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus, Romania

Countries (USA)

United States

Delivery time

2 to 10 days

Shipping fee for the customer

Free shipping

Other Countries (Earth)

We cannot guarantee that the postcard to countries not listed above will reach its destination safely and in a reasonable time, as postcard tracking is generally not possible.