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We write positive texts only

We know that our customers do not send racist, sexist or negative political texts, but only positive thoughts to make others happy. Nevertheless, it is important for us to mention that we only send positive texts by „handwritten postcard“. Good or good! 😃

If you do not give your name, the writer writes his or her name in the field.

The desired stamp is used in combination with additional pretty stamps so that the card can reach its destination.

The writing of many postcards requires a lot of coffee and tea.

Details about your handwritten postcard

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Few people are aware of the magical sides of the well-known city of Salzburg. For the locals, the sights are part of everyday life.
However, only a few know about the legends, myths and stories about saints and a complex world of gods around Salzburg.
Not only tourists, but also Salzburg residents treat themselves to magical day and night tours through the sometimes narrow streets and hidden squares.


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